We believe it is vital to teach children the knowledge and skills they need to function successfully within both the community of our school and the multilingual, multicultural societies in which we live.

The school considers the following attributes to be of great importance to lifelong learners:
Critical thinking

We believe it is equally important that the school, together with the family and the wider community, foster responsible attitudes and desirable behavior, enabling students to act with integrity and to take responsibility for their actions.

We have a duty to set world-recognized standards of achievement and to enable students to meet these standards. We believe that instruction should be differentiated to equably support those students capable of exceeding the standards and students who have difficulty in achieving them.

We recognize the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance by providing a diversity of sporting, recreational and creative activities.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. We believe, moreover, that the school must offer an environment where children of different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs can learn to know, understand and respect each other.