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Model United Nations has always been one of the most popular activities among high school students.  What makes MUN different from other clubs in the school is the ‘’team spirit’’ that it creates, which brings students together. Every award you win as a delegation, every trip to a conference, everything you achieve together, creates an everlasting bond. While helping students develop a thirst for knowledge in current events and public speaking skills, debate skills and parliamentary procedure. 


Model UN motivates students to learn.

On an emotional level, Model UN is a motivational experience. It’s fun to pretend to be a world leader solving the world’s most important problems in 48 hours or less. Model UN activates students’ imagination and creativity – activities that students are naturally inclined to do.


Model UN teaches students about the world.

In this era of globalization, learning about the world is more important than ever. No matter what field or profession students enter, they will interact with people from different countries and diverse backgrounds. Problems taking place halfway around the globe impact our lives, our country, and our communities.

Students learn about the world as they prepare for Model UN conferences, represent countries other than their own, and present possible solutions to global problems in committee. Students also learn by meeting people from other countries and travel to places they’ve never been to before.